If you’re score is more than 5 years old, you will have to re-take the GRE. Scores are only good for 5 years.
You can check your status through Hobson’s system OR please contact Mr. John Stewart, jstewart20(at)gsu.edu
Please contact Dr. Andrew I. Cohen, aicohen@gsu.edu, and/or Dr. Bill Edmundson, wedmundson@gsu.edu.
No, we do not. The officials at the College and University level have asked the Department to start a PhD program. While the Department thinks appreciates that the administration has such a complimentary view of the Philosophy faculty, we feel that there is already an over-supply of philosophy PhD programs and have chosen to focus on our MA program.
Please indicate joint program on your application. Your LSAT scores may be used for the joint program.
Congratulations to our undergraduate student, Brett Mullins, whose paper, “On Probability Assessment in the... via @GSUPhilosophy 3 days ago