Awards – Graduate

The Department is proud of all its students. Some students have done especially good work and we are pleased to recognize those students here.
Students do not need to apply for these awards. All philosophy graduate students are automatically considered for all graduate-level awards.

Awarded to the student who writes the best paper at the annual Georgia State Student Philosophy Symposium.
Dr. Almeder was Professor of Philosophy from 1972 to 2005.

2017 Camille Charrette (graduate level)
2016 Calvin H. Warner (graduate level)
2016 Ross Jensen (undergraduate level)
2015 Jared Riggs (graduate level)
2015 Nathan Ward (undergraduate level)
2014 Nathan Oseroff (graduate level)
2014 A. Cameron Boone (undergraduate level)
2013 Paul Henne (graduate level)
2013 Casey Fowler (undergraduate level)
2012 Barry Maquire (graduate level, no undergraduate level award given in 2012)
2011 Wang Qin (graduate level)
2011 Adam Lerner (undergraduate level)
2010 Dylan Murray (graduate level)
2010 Adam Lerner (undergraduate level)
2009 Daniel Burnston (graduate level)
2009 Andrea Walsh (undergraduate level)
2008 Ben Sheredos (graduate level)
2008 Henry Lartey (undergraduate level)
2007 Brandon Byrd (graduate level)
2007 Johnson Ashu (undergraduate level)
2006 Jim Sias
2005 Andrew Childress

Awarded to a graduate student who will be continuing in the program in the subsequent year on the basis of academic excellence, including (but not limited to) course grades, courses taken, and participation in academically-oriented departmental activities.
Dr. Munster was Chair of the Department of Philosophy from 1965 to 1978.

2017 Brennan Neal
2016 Mara McGuire
2015 Jared Riggs
2014 Bobby Bingle
2013 Jennifer Daigle
2012 Kathryn Joyce
2011 Alex Economides
2010 Paul Tulipana
2009 Walter Glazer and Dylan Murray
2008 Jason Craig and Ben Sheredos
2007 Joseph Bullock
2006 Justin Coates and Jim Sias
2005 Sean Aas
2004 James Ruvolo

Awarded to one or more graduate students for excellence in teaching, including (but not limited to) faculty teaching reviews, student evaluations, student performance, and innovative course design.

2017 Shaila Bora
2016 Sam Elalouf
2015 Matt Andler
2014 Archie Fields
2013 Cami Koepke
2012 Kathryn Joyce and Sam Sims
2011 William Baird
2010 Ian Dunkle
2009 Paul Pfeilschiefter
2008 Brandie Martinez-Bedard
2007 Sean Martin and Jim Sias
2006 Tim Crews-Anderson
2005 Jason Lesandrini

Awarded to one or more graduate students completing their MA thesis in the academic year of the award, for excellence in research, including (but not limited to) MA thesis work, research papers, conference presentations, and participation in faculty-led research projects.

2017 James Gillard
2016 Jeff Carroll and Razia Sahi
2015 Dan Mendez
2014 Jennifer Daigle and Michael Nielsen
2013 Andrei Marasiou
2012 Noel Martin
2011 Paul Tulipana
2010 Dylan Murray
2009 Jason Craig and Ben Sheredos
2008 Joe Adams
2007 Justin Coates and Jim Sias
2006 Sean Aas

Earned by graduate students who have
(i) a graduate Georgia State philosophy GPA of 3.85 or better,
(ii) a thesis and thesis defense that, upon vote of the thesis committee, are judged to merit distinction, and
(iii) a record at Georgia State judged by the the Director of Graduate Studies to be one of distinction.

2017 Leo Feldblyum
2016 Bobby Bingle and Jared Riggs
2015 Jennifer Daigle and Jay Spitzley
2014 Michael Nielsen and Cameron Smith
2013 Kathryn Joyce
2012 None
2011 William Baird, Ryan Born, and Paul Tulipana
2010 Ryan DeChant, Jesse Gero, and Rush Stewart
2009 Dan Burnston, Jason Craig, and Ben Sheredos
2008 Joe Bullock
2007 Jim Sias
2006 Sean Aas and Candice Delmas