George Beiswanger Award – Kay Craigie Strikes Again!

Kay Craigie (’68), who generously donated $10,000 to endow the Kay Craigie Scholarship, has donated $25,000 to endow the George W. Beiswanger Award! We are so grateful to Kay for all that she has done for the Department! The Beiswanger Award is given to an undergraduate major on the basis of overall academic excellence. The first student whose education will be supported by Kay’s most recent donation is Zach Sadowski. Congrats to Zach!

Who Is Kay Craigie?

As a freshman in 1964, Kay Craigie began her academic career when Georgia State was a commuter college with only two buildings. Kay reports that, at a price that her middle-class parents could afford, she received an excellent education. In her long and varied career, she has taught at the University of Maryland, College Park; Cabrini College and at a high school in Radnor, PA. In addition, she became a member of the American Radio Relay League and in January 2014, won her third term as President. Kay credits being a philosophy major as having a major impact in her life. She states that it helped develop her abilities in critical thinking and to argue a point of view, which she still uses to this day. As Kay says, “Philosophy helps you see the ____ before you step in it.”

Who Was George Beiswanger?

Dr. Beiswanger was Professor of Philosophy from 1963 to 1970. As was noted in his obituary in The New York Times, Dr. Beiswanger was important dance critic and philosophy professor who explored the relationships between dance and the other arts.

Dr. Beiswanger received a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 1928. Before coming to Georgia State University he taught Wittenberg College, Ohio Wesleyan University, and the Georgia State College for Women in Milledgeville (which has since become Georgia College and State University).

While Dr. Beiswanger was an advocate for all the arts, he was especially interested in modern dance. As a scholar, he was known for placing modern dance in the broader cultural contexts of painting, music, and theater. Kay, who took several classes with Dr. Beiswanger, reports that he “looked the part of the scholarly professor: slim, tweedy and slightly rumpled, gracious, with a shock of silver hair and a cultured voice. What you never saw coming until it hit you was his dry sense of humor.”

Who Is Zach Sadowski?

Zach was born in Warner Robins, GA and now lives in Atlanta. He was introduced to philosophy during his senior year of high school. He took Rob Boudreau’s Intro to Philosophy course in the summer of 2014 and reports that this course “helped me realize that I truly love the field” and he now plans on continuing to graduate school in philosophy. Zach works at The Cheesecake Factory and enjoys songwriting, musical theatre, and attending concerts.