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Eddy Nahmias

Professor    Chair    

Ph.D. Philosophy, Duke University, 2001
B.A. English Literature (Philosophy minor), Emory University, 1992


Philosophy of Mind, Psychology, Neuroscience; Moral Psychology (especially free will and moral responsibility); Experimental Philosophy



His research is devoted to the study of human agency: what it is, how it is possible, and how it accords with scientific accounts of human nature. His primary focus is the free will debate. He is currently working on a book project, Rediscovering Free Will, which considers threats to free will posed by the sciences of the mind (e.g., neuroscience and psychology) and conversely, what these sciences can tell us about how free will works in humans.  He conducts empirical research on ordinary people’s intuitions about free will and moral responsibility—i.e., ‘experimental philosophy’. He also works on other issues in Moral Psychology and in Neuroethics.

For more information about him, please visit his homepage.