Philosophers’ Guild

The Philosophers’ Guild welcomes all students interested in philosophy. The purposes of the organization include: (i) facilitating lively discussion of philosophical topics; (ii) encouraging and discussing philosophy as an academic major or a career path; (iii) providing networking opportunities for philosophy majors and minors to share their research interests or their work; (iv) providing opportunities for majors and minors to commune with faculty and staff in the philosophy department; (v) joining in the Philosophy Department’s efforts to recruit new philosophy majors and minors.

Meeting Schedule Spring 2019- all meetings held in the Department of Philosophy,25 Park Place, 16th Floor Room 1642

Jan. 28 (3:30- 4:30)-Regular meeting

Feb. 25 ( 3:30-4:30 )- Regular meeting

March 25 (3:30- 4:30 )- Regular meeting

April 11- (5:00-6:30)- Student/Faculty Trivia Night

April 29 ( 3:30- 4:30 )- Regular meeting

Officers 2018-2019
President: Margaret Peth –
Vice President: Daniel Pulido
Social Media/Outreach: Zyon Cooper

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