Logic Exam

An M.A. student will be excused from the logic requirement if the student receives a score of 85/100 or better on the logic competency exam. This exam covers the basics of first-order predicate logic. The exam will be written and administered before the start of the Spring Semester by the instructor for the course that year, and will assume knowledge of the symbolism, rules, and other content of the specific logic text for that year’s logic course. For Spring 2011, the logic text is The Logic Book by Merrie Bergmann, James Moor, and Jack Nelson, 5th Edition. Students taking the competency exam are responsible for material through Chapter 10 (with the exception of Chapter 6) of this text. Any full-time student who does not take the competency exam, or who takes it and receives a score less than 85/100, is obligated to enroll in the logic course for that Spring Semester. The Department advises all students taking the competency exam to enroll in the course prior to taking the exam.