Careers Outside Academia

Many students who have received the M.A. in philosophy at Georgia State have elected not to pursue a Ph.D. These students have gone on to use their philosophical skills in a diverse set of careers such as lawyers, community college instructors, high school teachers, ethics consultants, army officers, and artists. Many have gone on to careers in various sorts of business settings.

The  American Philosophical Association has produced Beyond Academia. While some of the information in this publication is specific to PhD holders, much of it applies to MA holders as well.

Unfortunately, we do not have comprehensive information about all of the careers that our students have ended up obtaining. Here we provide a sample of some of the jobs of our MA graduates. This list does not include those who are lawyers. There are too many of those to mention.

Toni Adelberg, M.A. 2013, Director of Research, Animal Charity Evaluators.

John Everett Button, M.A. 2009, Texas Department of Transportation Risk Manager, NTT DATA Corporation, Austin, TX

Chris Dobbs, M.A. 2015, Assistant Editor of the New Georgia Encyclopedia, Georgia Humanities Council, Atlanta, GA

Mary Meg Donnelly, M.A. 2018, Paralegal, National Immigrant Justice Center, Chicago, IL

Ben Freed, M.A. 2015, Software Engineer, SemanticBits, Atlanta, GA

Cameron Hamilton, M.A. 2015, Chief Data Scientist, Systematrix Solutions, Atlanta, GA

Zachary Hopper, M.A. 2013, 6th Grade Mathematics Instructor, Brookside Charter School, Kansas City, MO

Trevor Kvaran, M.A. 2007, Managing Director of Research and Analytics at Harris Insights.

Harrison Lee, M.A. 2017, Program Coordinator, Thomas International Center, Raleigh, NC

Maria Montello, MA 2011, Instructor and Maryknoll Lay Missioner, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Jessica Owensby-Sandifer, M.A. 2006, Lead Software Developer, Home Depot, Atlanta, GA

Lauren Papiernik, M.A. 2013, Department Coordinator for Institutional Advancement, Brandeis University, Boston, MA

James Ruvolo, M.A. 2004, Detective, City of Bethlehem Police Department, Bethlehem, PA

Jeremy Sakovich, M.A. 2016, Test Developer, Law School Admission Council

Brad Summers, M.A. 2011, Research Analyst, Masters Capital Management, Atlanta, GA

Calvin Warner, M.A. 2016, New Client Setup Specialist, Paycom, Oklahoma, OK