Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Welcome to the web pages for the PPE Program at Georgia State!  PPE is Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. PPE at GSU started in Fall 2017.  The program helps prepare undergraduate students to

  •  successfully embark upon career opportunities in law, government, and business;
  •  succeed in graduate programs in political science, philosophy, and economics; and
  •  contribute intelligently to the public dialogue of a vibrant democracy.

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PPE makes use of the analytically rigorous tools of all three of its disciplines to promote serious thought about practical issues, allowing students to delve deep into moral, social, political, and economic issues. It is an incredible major to prepare you for an incredible life.

About PPE:

Historically, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) were deeply connected. The father of modern economics, Adam Smith, was a philosopher concerned with moral and political philosophy. PPE, as a contemporary academic field of study, began at Oxford University in 1920 and has spread across the English-speaking world. The program at GSU helps students become familiar with and capable of contributing to ongoing debates about the nature of good political and economic institutions, as well as the policies and practices that are best suited for creating and sustaining them. More broadly, students develop the intellectual skills of both the social scientist, who seeks to understand how the social world operates, and the moral philosopher, who seeks to critically evaluate the social world in relation to how it ought to be. The program prepares students for careers and graduate programs that require independent thought with significant analytic and critical reasoning as well as writing. They are well-positioned for careers in law, government, public service, or entrepreneurial endeavors as well as Ph.D. programs in political science, philosophy, and economics. Moreover, they are ideally situated to contribute intelligently to the public dialogue of a vibrant democracy.


Major in PPE!

To become a PPE major, please see Here are the requirements for the major. Please feel free to contact Dr. Andrew Jason Cohen for an application and program plan template.


Affiliated Faculty



For more information, contact:

Andrew Jason Cohen, BIS-PPE Coordinator, Department of Philosophy,, 404-413-6102

Peter M. Linsday, Political Science Liasion,, 404-413-6177

Spencer Banzhaf, Economics Liaison,, 404-413-0252