Internships allow students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and to enhance their collegiate education.  The Department of Philosophy encourages majors and minors to complete an internship prior to graduation.  Students who choose an internship that allows them to apply and develop their philosophical skills and knowledge can receive 3 hours of philosophy credit if they meet the eligibility and course requirements noted below.

PHILOSOPHY 4960:  Internship

This course allows majors and minors to apply and develop their philosophical skills outside of the classroom and appreciate the relationship between philosophy and a profession.


  • Minimum 2.5 GPA,
  • Philosophy Major or Minor,
  • 15 credit hours earned in PHIL courses, and
  • 30 credit hours earned at GSU.
  • A student must have the internship during the time he/she is enrolled in the internship course; students cannot receive credit for an internship completed prior to the semester in which they enroll in the internship course.  Students cannot repeat the course.
  • Acceptance letter from the internship provider with a description of the internship duties
  • Interview with and approval of Philosophy Internship Advisor
  • Agreement of a philosophy faculty member to supervise the course
  • Internship approval form


  • Completion of at least 225 hours of work at internship
  • Journal – Students will be asked to document their work experiences and reflect on the relationship of their work experiences to philosophy.
  • Paper  – Students will be asked to write a philosophy paper related to their internship experience.  Papers should be approximately 8 to 10 pages and must include references to reputable philosophical sources (books, journal articles, etc.).
  • Readings – Students will be given a reading list by the philosophy faculty member supervising the project.
  • Meetings – Students must attend regular meetings with their faculty supervisor.

Specific course requirements will be determined by the faculty supervisor prior to a student’s enrollment in the internship course.

Weight of Assignments:

Journal 35%
Meetings (Attendance/Discussion) 15%
Paper 50%


The Philosophy Department does not arrange internships for students; students must find their own internships.  Interested students should speak with the Department’s Internship Advisor for information about where to begin looking for an internship and should go to GSU’s University Career Services for numerous resources on finding an internship.  Students should begin looking for an internship several months prior to their desired start date.


Contact the Philosophy Internship Advisor, Dr. Christie Hartley.  Email her at chartley(at)