New Faculty

We are thrilled to announce that we have three new faculty joining our department in 2020: Allison Piñeros Glasscock (Yale PhD), Juan Piñeros Glasscock (Yale PhD), and Heather Phillips (Rice PhD) will begin in the fall term. Welcome, Heather, Juan, and Allison!

Juan S. Piñeros Glasscock is Assistant Professor of Philosophy. His research centers on the notion of practical intelligence, the specific form of intelligence that rational creatures exercise qua agents. The questions that arise in connection to this topic lie at the intersection of philosophy of mind and action, epistemology, and moral psychology. They include: What is the nature of skill? How is it manifested in action? What is the nature of the special knowledge agents have of their own actions? In addition, Juan has strong interests and working projects in philosophy of emotion, metaphysics, ethics, and ancient philosophy (especially Aristotle).

Allison Piñeros Glasscock is Assistant Professor (LT). She specializes in ancient philosophy and is particularly interested in issues that lie at the intersection of ancient ethics and epistemology. Her current work investigates the value of knowledge and inquiry and the relationship between knowledge and the good life in Plato’s dialogues. Other areas of research interest include the craft analogy in ancient philosophy (and its implications for ethical motivation), Stoic ethics (especially Seneca’s account of benefaction), and contemporary philosophy of education.

Heather Phillips joins us as Lecturer and Coordinator of Graduate Teaching (CGT).  As CGT she will lead our nationally recognized teaching training program, overseeing over 40 Masters students as they learn how to teach in their first year and then in their second year serve as lead instructor for Critical Thinking, Introduction to Philosophy, or Introduction to Ethics.  Heather has a PhD in philosophy from Rice University, Masters degrees in philosophy and bioethics, and a BA in journalism from Northwestern University. With expertise in applied ethics, epistemology, free will, and philosophy of race and gender, she has been teaching most recently at Auburn University.