Graduate Students

Name E-mail Address Bachelor’s Degree Entering Class
Nicholas Alonso [email protected] Univ of Michigan – Ann Arbor Fall 2017
Hansen Breitling [email protected] University of Northern Iowa Fall 2016
Hunter Cantrell [email protected] Virginia Military Institute Fall 2017
Clement Cardon [email protected] The Sorbonne Fall 2016
Asa Collier [email protected] University of South Carolina-Columbia Fall 2016
Matthew Delhey [email protected] Rice University Fall 2016
Mary Donnelly [email protected] Seton Hall University Fall 2016
Christopher Foster [email protected] Georgia Tech Fall 2015
Paul Fryfogle [email protected] University of Tampa Fall 2016
James Gillard [email protected] Oxford University Fall 2015
Andrew Gilley [email protected] University Of San Diego Fall 2017
Chase Halsne [email protected] Southern Illinois Univ-Edwards Fall 2017
Caleb Hazelwood [email protected] Missouri Western State U. Fall 2017
Russell Helder [email protected] University Of Texas – Austin Fall 2017
Auj Kausar [email protected] Long Island University – C. W. Post Fall 2016
Matthew Kelley [email protected] Allegheny College Fall 2017
Dan Kemp [email protected] The King’s College Fall 2015
Katie Lane Kirkland [email protected] Millsaps College Fall 2016
Spencer Knafelc [email protected] Slippery Rock Univ. of Penn. Fall 2017
Jackson Kushner [email protected] Georgetown University Fall 2017
Marie Le Blevennec [email protected] The Sorbonne Fall 2015
Yuchen Li [email protected] Fudan University Fall 2017
Nicholas Linhares [email protected] Depaul University Fall 2017
Botian Liu [email protected] Georgia Tech Fall 2017
Bradley Loveall [email protected] Indiana University – Bloomington Fall 2016
Linh Mac [email protected] National University of Singapore Fall 2016
Stephen Marrone [email protected] University of Chicago Fall 2016
Clare Mauney [email protected] Hendrix College Fall 2016
Ryan McCoy [email protected] Belmont University Fall 2016
Mara McGuire [email protected] Creighton University Fall 2015
Robert McKinley [email protected] Columbia University Fall 2016
Sam Munroe [email protected] MSU Denver Fall 2017
Joseph Murphy [email protected] Georgia State University Fall 2017
Brennan Neal [email protected] Whitworth College Fall 2016
Peter Nennig [email protected] Univ of Wisconsin – Madison Fall 2015
Lucas Opgenorth [email protected] Bard College Fall 2017
Margaret Owens [email protected] UNC at Chapel Hill Fall 2017
Zachary Peck [email protected] East Tennessee State University Fall 2016
Adrian Pecotic [email protected] University of King’s College Fall 2016
Luke Pizzato [email protected] Harvard University Fall 2016
Sean Rice [email protected] San Diego State University Fall 2017
Katie Rivers [email protected] University of North Florida Fall 2016
Erica Ronning [email protected] University of Minnesota Duluth Fall 2017
Daniel Rosario [email protected] Florida Gulf Coast University Fall 2017
Nate Saint Ours [email protected] Rochester Institute of Technology Fall 2016
Matthew Schrepfer [email protected] Fordham University Fall 2016
Daniel Schwartz [email protected] Johns Hopkins University Fall 2015

Elisabeth Simonneaux

[email protected] The Sorbonne Fall 2017
Jake Spinella [email protected] UNC at Chapel Hill Fall 2017
Jason Stigall [email protected] University of Georgia Fall 2016
Emily Tilton [email protected] Carleton College Fall 2017
Yunn Ueng [email protected] Yang Ming University Fall 2016
Tyler Vanwulven [email protected] Boston University Fall 2016
Gaetano Venezia [email protected] University of New Orleans Fall 2015
De Yang [email protected] China University of Political Science and Law Fall 2015
Tiffany Zhu [email protected] UCLA Fall 2016