Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars receive shared office space, library privileges, and invitations to all the Department’s classes, lectures, and social events. However, no stipend or money of any kind is provided.

Visiting scholars are typically faculty members on leave or advanced graduate students who wish to pursue their research in the Department. Visiting scholars should have a PhD in Philosophy or a related field, or, if they are graduate students, should have completed their coursework.

Unfortunately, the Department does not have the space to accommodate all those who wish to be visiting scholars. Therefore, there is a simple application process. Individuals wishing to be a visiting scholar should send a CV, a writing sample, and a letter of application to the Chair of the Department of Philosophy. The letter should precisely indicate the period that the scholar proposes to be in the Department. The faculty of the Department will review this material and decide whether or not to extend an invitation. Applications will be considered as they arrive. Therefore, there is an advantage to applying early.

For more information, contact the Department Chair, Eddy Nahmias,

Current Visiting Scholars

Richard Dub

Dr. Richard Dub is a philosopher of mind specializing in the emotions and in psychopathology. He spent the last four years doing postdoctoral research at the Swiss Center for the Affective Sciences, an interdisciplinary institute for the study of emotions, and he is now visiting GSU on a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation for a project entitled Emotions and Psychosis.  This project will consider the effective nature of psychosis and the various ways in which pathologies of emotion can help explain delusions and other pathologies of cognition. An earlier publication that gives a general overview of Dr. Dub’s approach to the topic is his “Delusions, Acceptances, and Cognitive Feelings”, which can be found here. Further information (including some neat little iconic representations of delusions) can be found on his website.

Past Visiting Scholars

Mark Addis (University of Central England)

Jeremy Farris (University of Oxford)

Antonio Freire (Granada University)

Junli Lu (Northwest A&F University, China)

Greg Moore (St. Andrews University)

Mario Nogueira(University of Ouro Presto, Brazil)

Markos Valaris (University of Pittsburgh)