Phi Sigma Tau

Georgia State University is home to the Zeta chapter (Georgia) of the philosophy honor society, Phi Sigma Tau. This international honor society has more than 200 chapters throughout North America. The Society helps to promote continued interest, collaboration, and links among philosophy students and philosophy departments among its members. The Society also publishes a journal, Dialogue, which is student edited and features contributions of the best work by students. Phi Sigma Tau is a member of Association of College Honor Societies, which is a cross-disciplinary consortium of groups dedicated to scholarship and the arts.

The Zeta chapter at Georgia State fosters student scholarship and offers the opportunity to develop, refine, and present work to professional audiences. Membership is open to any Georgia State student. Undergrad candidates must have completed 3 semesters of university study, have an overall GPA of at least a B (3.0), have a philosophy GPA that is greater than a B (higher than 3.0), and have successfully completed two philosophy courses (at least five credits). Graduate student candidates must have a GPA greater than 3.5, have earned A or A- grades for at least one half of their courses, and have completed at least one full semester of full-time enrollment at the master’s level.

Please contact the chapter president for membership information.

Among its activities, the Zeta chapter at Georgia State hosts regular philosophy gatherings, assists students with presenting their work at professional conferences, cosponsors visiting speakers, organizes an interdisciplinary “brown bag” lunch series each fall, and regularly hosts a philosophy symposium, which, which has grown in prestige over the past several years. The symposium has drawn participants from throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia. Among the list of distinguished keynotes:

2019: Michael Monahan, Department of Philosophy, University of Memphis
2018: Bryce Huebner, Department of Philosophy, Georgetown University
2017: Sinan Dogramaci, Department of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin
2016: William G. Lycan, Philosophy, UNC-Chapel Hill/ University of Connecticut
2015: Rachana Kamtekar, Philosophy, University of Arizona
2014: Rebecca Kukla, Philosophy, Georgetown University
2013: Alastair Norcross, Philosophy, University of Colorado
2012: Valerie Tiberius, Philosophy, U-Minnesota, Twin Cities
2011: Marcia Baron, Philosophy, Indiana University
2010: David Schmidtz, Philosophy, University of Arizona
2009: Mark Murphy, Philosophy, Georgetown

Faculty Advisor: Andrew I. Cohen

The 2019-20 officers are:

President—Marisa Maccaro

Vice President—Jared Corbett

Secretary—Michael Zillmer

Treasurer—Gunnar Footh



The 2018-2019 officers

President: Hunter Cantrell

Vice President: Chase Halsne

Secretary: Andrew Gilley

Treasurer: Sam Munroe


The 2017-2018 officers

President – Auj Kasar
Vice-President – Steven Morrone
Treasurer – Tiffany Zhu
Secretary – Zach Peck


The 2016-2017 officers

President – Paul Dumond
Vice-President – Christopher Foster
Treasurer – Joel Van Fossen
Secretary – De Yang


The 2015-2016 officers

President: Andrew Vierra
Vice President: Calvin Warner
Secretary: Jared Riggs
Treasurer: Mandy Long


The 2014-2015 officers

President: Rob Boudreau
Vice President: Nathan Houck
Secretary: Gerald Taylor
Treasurer: Owen Skarpness


The 2013-2014 officers

President: Maria Caruso
Vice President: Adam Shmidt
Secretary: Katie Punsly
Treasurer: David DiDomenico


The 2012-2013 officers

President: Carson Young
Vice President: J.P. Messina
Secretary: Toni Adleberg
Treasurer: Pierce Randall


The 2011-2012 officers
President: Noel Martin
Vice President: Shanna Slank
Treasurer: James DiGiovanni