Awards – Undergraduate

The Department is proud of all its students. Some students have done especially good work and we are pleased to recognize those students here.
Students do not need to apply for these awards. All philosophy majors are automatically considered for all undergraduate awards.

Given to a philosophy major on the basis of academic excellence and economic need. Preference is given to students from segments of American society whose members historically have been denied equal educational opportunity due to prejudice and discrimination. The award will normally be given for a two-year period, beginning in the student's junior year.

2019 Samuel Pittman

2018 Clifvette Webb
2016 Babafemi Fatade
2014 Ayesha Kirk
2012 Casey Fowler

Awarded to the student who writes the best paper at the annual Georgia State Student Philosophy Symposium.
Dr. Almeder was Professor of Philosophy from 1972 to 2005.

2017 Camille Charrette (graduate level)
2016 Calvin H. Warner (graduate level)
2016 Ross Jensen (undergraduate level
2015 Jared Riggs (graduate level)
2015 Nathan Ward (undergraduate level)
2014 Nathan Oseroff (graduate level)
2014 A. Cameron Boone (undergraduate level)
2013 Casey Fowler (undergraduate level)
2012 Barry Maguire (graduate level, no undergraduate level award given in 2012)
2011 Wang Qin (graduate level)
2011 Adam Lerner (undergraduate level)
2010 Dylan Murray (graduate level)
2009 Daniel Burnston (graduate level)
2009 Andrea Walsh (undergraduate level)
2008 Ben Sheredos (graduate level)
2008 Henry Lartey (undergraduate level)
2007 Brandon Byrd (graduate level)
2007 Johnson Ashu (undergraduate level)
2006 Jim Sias
2005 Andrew Childress

Awarded to an undergraduate major on the basis of overall academic excellence, including (but not limited to): program GPA, overall GPA, undergraduate research projects, BA thesis work, and participation in academically-oriented departmental activities.
Dr. Beiswanger was Professor of Philosophy from 1963 to 1970.

2019 Elizabeth Autrey

2018 Jackson Barringer
2017 Melanie Farnham and Jarrett Faber
2016 Zachary Sadowski
2015 Spencer Kinsey and Ayesha Kirk
2014 Casey Fowler and Brett Mullins
2013 Jamie Moon
2012 Tyler Theus
2011 Maria Caruso and Alasdair Steward
2010 John Yurchesyn
2009 Kristina Pope
2008 Vicki Horwitz
2007 Pamela Stubbart
2006 Brandie Martinez-Bedard
2005 Timothy Matthew Otchy
2004 Briana Gordon and Elizabeth Schechter

Awarded to academically successful philosophy majors who face financial barriers to realizing their dreams.
Ms. Craigie earned her B.A. in Philosophy from Georgia State University in 1968.

2019 Ashari Hankerson

2018 Tionnie Lopez
2017 Tiffany Nanguy
2016 Joseph Murphy
2015 Jake De Backer