PhilMajor Listserv

The PhilMajor listserv is the Department’s primary means of communication with philosophy majors. All philosophy majors must subscribe to this listserv. Other interested individuals are welcome to subscribe. Philosophy majors will automatically be subscribed. If you are a non-major and would like to subscribe, just fill in the field below and click “Submit.”

Listserv Major


FAQ: What is a listserv?
A listserv is a similar to a copier. When the Department sends a message to the listserv, it is copied and sent to all subscribers.

FAQ: How do I get off the PhilMajor listserv?
Send an email message to:

In the body of the message (not the subject line) include -only- two words:

unsubscribe philmajor

You must send this email from the email account that is subscribed to the listserv.
You should receive a message confirming your de-subscription.