Minor in Philosophy

A minor in philosophy is an excellent complement to any major.  It is particularly appropriate for those contemplating a career in law, business administration, public service, politics, education or religion.

Students who wish to minor in philosophy must take at least 15 hours in courses in philosophy, including at least 9 semester hours at the 3000 level or above. Students taking more than 15 hours in philosophy may count the additional hours toward their electives or may consider completing a double major. (A grade of “C” or better is required in all courses counting toward the minor.)

Minor in Ethics

Ethical conduct is a vitally important part of any good life. There is a growing recognition that ethical behavior cannot be assumed. It often requires an education as to how to act ethically. The minor in ethics does not seek to transform students into ethical people. Instead, it seeks to give ethical people the skills and knowledge needed to confront the ethical dilemmas of life and work in a thoughtful and critical manner. The minor in ethics is designed to be a complement to any major. Students with a major in business, education, the natural sciences, the social sciences, or the health and human sciences are particularly encouraged to consider a minor in ethics.