Study Abroad

The Philosophy Department offers study abroad programs through an agreement with the Abteilung Philosophie of the Universität Bielefeld, in Bielefeld, Germany. The strengths of the department in Bielefeld closely match those of our department here in Atlanta, with particular focus on ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of science.

Students and faculty from Universität Bielefeld interested in studying or working at Georgia State should contact Martin Carrier for information.

Philosophy majors with training in German and interest in studying abroad should contact the Program Director (Sebastian Rand, as early as possible to begin planning for a successful time abroad. Here are some general guidelines for the program.

– Students applying should be Juniors (with at least 60 credit hours completed by the start of the time abroad).
– Students applying should have completed fourth-semester college-level German of the equivalent, with at least a B, by the start of their time abroad. Students without the relevant coursework can demonstrate language proficiency in other ways.
– Students applying should have at least a B average overall in Philosophy courses taken prior to the start of their time abroad.

Students are also encouraged to visit the website of the Study Abroad office for more information about everything involved in studying at foreign institutions while enrolled at GSU.


The undergraduate exchange is usually possible only for the complete academic year. Applications are due by April 15 of the previous year. Students with a strong preference for one semester of study may be able to go for the Spring Semester with the permission of the Program Director.


There are two main sources of internal GSU funding for study abroad. You can find links to complete information about these scholarships/grants below, along with some general information:

(1) IEF grants
– Awarded to degree-seeking students only
– Requires a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
– Grant of $1,000 per semester, students must apply separately for each semester of funding.

(2) GES grants
– Prefer applicants with no previous foreign travel experience
– Available to any student on need-based funding of any kind (Pell grant, Stafford loans, etc.)
– Students are eligible only if there is unmet need according to Federal/University guidelines
– Requires that students submit a budget
– Grant of up to $7,500/semester, depending on unmet need.

There is also information available through the Study Abroad office about further funding opportunities. Contact Stephen Murray at that office.